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The “Egyptian Applied Technological Valley- Kemtech Valley” initiative aims to build highly specialized technical cadres and develop the creative capabilities of Egyptian youth, as well as support start- ups, small and medium-sized companies in the field of applied technology and build digital community awareness through various programs.

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Empowering Technovation In Egypt

Believing in the value of modern technology in all sectors of business and in accordance with Egypt 2030's sustainable development plan, Kemtech Valley always seeks to increase support and investment for technological projects. Therefore, The best partner to accomplish this goal was New Cairo University of Technology.

Studio Programs

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Mainly focus on Digitalization Platforms industry wide that support improving world living standards e.g. Health-tech, Edu-tech, Fin-tech, etc...

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Mainly focus on applied technologies/ Advanced Technological Industries that requires manufacturing production lines e.g. Agri-tech, mining-tech, etc...

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Mainly focus on disruptive technologies that introduce an entirely new business model and a new growth market e.g. metaverse, Blockchain, etc...

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Initiative Goals


Enriching the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and investment in the promising Egyptian minds


Contribute in building societal awareness based on digital and information technology


Maximizing the utilization of scientific cadres and specialized experts


Upgrading the Egyptian technological industries by qualifying them to compete in global markets and developing innovative thought

Technovate In Egypt

Creating a forum to communicate with local and international investment channels, Global marketing of Egyptian products and applications under the slogan "Technovate in Egypt"

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